• How To Regrow Hair Naturally At Home

  • How To Regrow Hair Naturally With Home Remedies?

    Hair Loss In Women

    The hair loss in women may be due to several factors, not all have to do with age; Stress, traumatic situations, hormonal changes, side effects from taking medications, nutritional problems, fungal infections, inheritance, menopause, beauty products, chemicals, etc. also influence. There are many reasons why a woman can see her hair damaged and therefore, it is very important to know how to regrow hair naturally and how to take care of it to favor its growth and stop the fall on time.

    Some Home Remedies That We Recommend To Treat And Regrow Hairline Naturally Are:

    Onion Juice To Regrow Hair Fast

    The sulfur is one of the main compones of the onion, this causes that it improves the circulation of the blood towards the follicles and stops the fall of the hair.

    How to use: grind the onion until all the juice is removed, pass it through the strainer and apply directly to the hair for 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse and wash the hair normally. Apply twice a week for 3 months and the results will begin to be seen.


  • Regrow Hair Naturally By Telvium™

    Telvium™ will work for most women. All the natural ingredients in Telvium™ are designed to strengthen hair regrowth.

    The purpose is to escape getting to that point where you have lost so much hair it becomes challenging to restore enough of your lost hair.

  • Green Tea

    To hair regrowth and prevent hair loss, green tea is one of the easiest natural remedies to find and gives better results, thanks to its antioxidants.

    How to use? heat a cup of water and add two tea bags; let stand at least 5 minutes to extract all the nutrients. Apply hot and leave for an hour. Then rinse and wash normally.

    Aloe Vera To Regrow Hair For Women

    The aloe vera is composed of water, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. It is ideal to use as a conditioner , treatment for dandruff and promote growth. Use on dry and damaged hairs.

    How to use: use as a gel and leave on for 2 hours. Repeat 3 or 4 times per week.

    Beet Juice For Healthy Hair

    The beet has vitamins B and C; phosphorus, potassium and ideal proteins for hair strengthening.

    How to use: add in a saucepan henna and beet leaves, let it boil and make a paste. Wrap the hair about 20 minutes, as if it were a mask, finally rinse. Perform up to 3 times per week.


    Green Cabbage

    It is used as an antacid mask for hair.

    How to use: chop and boil the leaves. Once boiled, rub on the scalp and let air dry. Then, rinse.


    Essential Oils Treatments For Hair Growth

    It is proven that the oil of rosemary , thyme , lavender , chamomile , sage , Ylang-Ylang , juniper , cedar or yarrow are great natural preventives against hair loss. They also have a plus, they serve as moisturizers.

    How to use: choose any of the above and apply with a massage before washing the head. Use at least 1 time per week.


  • Egg White

    Prescribed for people suffering from alopecia. The results will be visible thanks to the albumin that helps to strengthen the hair follicles and strands. The egg white will also give a soft and shiny tone to the mane.

    How to use: beat 4 egg whites and rub with circular movements on the scalp, let stand for half an hour and wash.

    The value of this wild plant lies mainly in its leaves, from which the juice is extracted.

    How to use: create an infusion with its leaves, spray the area every night before bedtime and rinse in the morning.

    Garlic To Stop Hair Loss

    It is a source of vitamin C, E, and B; essential to treat weakness or breakage. Not only does it help the strengthening, but it also serves as a protective barrier against environmental aggressions.

    How to use: cut garlic in half and rub on the skin; If it becomes red or itchy, stop treatment and rinse.

    White Vinegar

    Acetic acid is the basic ingredient in vinegar. It is used to reduce hair loss and provide silkiness. In addition, it treats the problems of dermatosis in the scalp.

    How to use: moisten the hair from the root to the tips, let it act for 30 minutes. The smell is quite strong but disappears after rinsing and washing with shampoo.

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